1. *Powerful MacDraft Pro software with its easy to use software tools.

  2. *Working in a 2D instead of a 3D environment; which is required for permits.

  3. *100’s of ready to use plans and libraries that you can bring onto any document.

  4. *Simplified libraries for fast retrieval of an item.

  5. *Everything stays on your desktop; no searching through folders to find parts of the plan.

  6. *It has been designed specifically for drawing new home and remodeling projects.

  7. *Its ability to drag and drop libraries onto your page in seconds.

  8. *Being able to keep commonly used items on each page off to the side.

  9. *Ability to set-up a Master Plan to use time & time again.

  10. *Time saving tips explained in an easy to use manual.

Floor plan library

Elevations library

Drag & drop libraries

Tried and tested over the last 15 years these 2 simple libraries cover any home or remodeling plan you will design. This is the same principle used throughout the Builder Pro system: “keeping it simple makes it fast”.

It’s all you need to have open when working a floor plan.

It’s all you need to have open when working an elevated view.

Desktop view

Common items

that you can add to

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