3) (2:52) You work from a master page

   Save  hours on every plan by creating your own master plan.

1) (1:06) Narrated version

   What Builder Pro can do for the builder.

2) (3:35) Jazz Presentation

   An upbeat version about what Builder Pro can do.

4) (2:42) Simple layer libraries

   Keeping the libraries simple makes them fast.

5) (2:10) Full additions libraries

   Complete common addition plans you can finish in 15 minutes.

6) (:52) Misc. libraries

    Time consuming plan components that are ready to use.


7) (1:37) More than a CAD program

    Its a system for builders to draw plans for permitting.

8) (:23) Your own plan book

    Homes, duplexes, garages,& barns that you can call your own.

9) (:38) Why 2d instead of 3d

    The main reason is it makes more sense.